Zhouzhuang is one of the most famous water towns in China. Often referred to as the “Venice of the East,” the town is criss-crossed with rivers and streams lined with ancient houses. Located less than 32 km (20 miles) from Suzhou, Zhouzhuang is famous for its twin bridges, Shide and Yongan that are symbols of the town. A boat ride is a good way to see the city.1f904122eb39d024888da2c953cc9975

With lakes on four sides, the beauty of Zhouzhuang is specially to be found along the waterside lanes and around a number of the stone bridges. A different vista at every turn can be found here. All those make a visit most enjoyable. Also, one can enjoy the fairyland atmosphere of the evenings here when the myriad stars twinkle as though in communication with the glittering lights.

With regard to Zhouzhuang, there is a story: In 1984, Chen Yifei,a painter of China, studying in the United States. He used the Double Bridge as the creation material and created an oil painting which was entitled “The memories of home”. It was exhibited in a New York gallery of Armand Hammer, chairman of Occidental Petroleum Corporation on October and caused a sensation in the United Stated. Especially those works which were used the traditional Chinese ink painting technology depict the beautiful flowing water and southern garden scenery. Those beautiful picture brought American to a mythical situation.

“Art News”, the U.S. magazine, published an article entitled “Bold challenge to the Western trend “to introduce Chen Yifei’s artistic achievements.

On November, Armand Hammer bought “The memories of home” with a high price and visited to China. He sent this oil painting as a gift to Xiaoping Deng who was the president at that time. We don’t know why he chose China’s “local products” as a gift to the Chinese leaders, but just this chooses that let Chinese people really know Zhouzhuang.200811114010220258

With its unique tourism resources, the town is promoting its potential as a visitor destination, whilst maintaining the concept of “Simultaneous Protection and Development”. Its 10 years of development has recently been honored with the title of “No 1 Water Town of China”, and it has also been established as one of “The Top 50 Places Favored by Overseas Tourists”.

In recent years, Zhouzhuang has been dedicated to successfully preserving its traditional culture and exploring it potential as a cultural sightseeing destination. It is now an important showcase for Chinese culture for visitors from across the world. It attracts more than 2.5 million visitors every year, resulting in an annual income from tourism of 800 million yuan ($117 million).

After a decade of restoration and a subsequent decade of development, Zhouzhuang is no looking at a decade of progress. As part of a bid to establish Zhouzhuang as a global tourism destination, the town is promoting itself through increased investment, improvements to its visitor facilities and by building its international profile.



New Caledonia PROJECT

The Tourism Company UK undertaking research on the potential UK market for the South Pacific territory of New Caledonia.located between Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

The earliest traces of human presence in New Caledonia date back to the Lapita  period.The Lapita were highly skilled navigator’s and agriculturists with influence over a large area of the Pacific.British explorer Captain James Cook was the first European to sight New Caledonia, on 4 September 1774.

It is speculated that New Caledonia separated from Australia roughly 66 million years ago.New Caledonia is part of zealandia, a fragment of the ancient Gondwana super-continent.

New Caledonia have a Distant land, land of contrasts, authentic land … New Caledonia is an amazing destination with many faces.Bathed by the clear waters at the Pacific Ocean.

It is the perfect island holiday. New Caledonia is called The ‘Land of Eternal Spring’, as it is blessed with a semi tropical climate all year round. Throughout the country you will find a strong Melanesian tradition in the architecture, arts, crafts and hospitality. This combines with a distinct French influence, creating a European style and elegance to create a truly unforgettable experience.

The Tourism Company UK  work has involved conducting focus groups, interviewing tour operators and undertaking a diagnostic of market data. With MaHoC Consulting, France.

New Caledonia become famous tourist destination around the Globe know a days.

Noumea New Caledonia Pacific Isalnd

Noumea New Caledonia Pacific Island



The Tourism Company UK

The Tourism Company is one of the UK’s leading tourism consultancies, delivering high quality tourism strategies, marketing plans, feasibility studies and a range of other services to clients across the UK and worldwide. Founded in 1990 by the current directors

The Tourism Company has two directors, Richard Denman and Chris Evans. Each job is managed by one of the directors. The Company also has a full-time associate, Jackie Denman. All are experienced tourism professionals with a significant track record in tourism consultancy

Richard Denman- Director

Richard Denman graduated in economics from the University of Cambridge followed by a doctorate from the University of Edinburgh based on a definitive study of rural tourism in Scotland. For ten years he worked at the Heart of England Tourist Board, as development and marketing manager and subsequently as deputy director. He became a tourism consultant in 1988. He has a wide portfolio of experience covering research, policy studies, tourism planning, marketing and project development. He has developed an international profile in tourism sustainability issues, working as an expert for the UN World Tourism Organization, UNEP and the European Commission in this field.  He serves on various international committees and was facilitator of the EU Tourism Sustainability Group.  He has also undertaken various projects for development assistance agencies in Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia, and helped to develop the UNWTO programme on tourism and poverty alleviation. He has maintained a link with academic studies and teaching, having served as External Examiner for undergraduate and masters courses in Sheffield Hallam and Oxford Brookes Universities. He is a member of ECOTRANS, the European sustainable tourism network, and a past Board Director and Secretary of The International Ecotourism Society.

Chris Evans, Director

Chris Evans graduated in geography from the University of Wales and took a masters degree in planning at Liverpool University. He started his career in local government in the historic city of Cambridge. He then ventured abroad working for both the public and private sectors. Since returning to the UK, he has continued to work overseas with tourism projects in the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean as well as the UK. For six years, Chris was retained by Abbotsbury Swannery and Gardens to advise on development and marketing. Chris is particularly interested in the development and marketing of new tourism products, whether they be a new attraction, an emerging new tourist area in this country or an unexplored overseas destination. Chris is a past chairman of the Tourism Consultants’ Network.

Jackie Denman, Associate

Jackie Denman read Mathematics and Geography at Girton College, Cambridge, followed by a postgraduate year at Leeds University. She has worked on rural development issues for more than 30 years. She has been an Associate of The Tourism Company since its inception and has taken a close interest in the special expertise they have developed in work concerned with the interface between tourism, the environment and local prosperity, providing background research and support on policy issues and good practice at both a national and international level, and having direct involvement in, and responsibility for, many projects in England and Wales.  In 2009, Jackie was awarded with distinction an MSc in Sustainable Development (Environmental Management) with Imperial College’s Distance Learning Programme.

So this was the introduction of The Tourism Company UK and Director’s.The Tourism Company alway’s beilieve in growth of tourism industryJACKIE DENMANChris EvansRICHARD DENMAN